Academic Session

The University of Maiduguri operates a two-semester sessions for its regular courses
and a long vacation period for vacant (or Extra mural) courses if any. A semester is
expected to last for about 17 to 18 weeks (Including registration, teaching and
examination periods), provided that not less than 15 weeks each are actually devoted
to teaching.
Duration of Degree Programme
The minimum number of years to be spent to be awarded a first degree in a
programme of study in non professional areas shall be four years, and shall not exceed
an additional 50% of the duration of the programme if a student fails to graduate within
the minimum number of years. In some profressional areas, the requirement is longer.
Five years are the minimum in Agriculture, Engineering and Law, and six years in
Human and Veterinary Medicine.

The Course Credit System

The Course Credit System (Otherwise known as the Course Unit System)

Assessment of a Course

(i) Continuous Assessment (CA) such as class tests, quizzes, assignments and reports
constitutes 30%, while end-of-course examination constitutes 70% of the total marks.
(ii) For Laboratory and Workshop Practice courses, CA constitutes 70%, while end of course
examination constitutes 30% of the total marks.
(iii) Final Year Projects are evaluated on the basis of several criteria which include an
oral examination.

Course Grading System and Degree Classification

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The GPA is an indicator of a student’s performance at the end of a semester. The GPA is
obtained by multiplying the GP attained in each course by the number of units assigned
to that course, and then summing these up and dividing by the total number of units
taken for the semester.
Failed courses should be used only once for computation. Subsequent failures in the
same course should not be reflected or used until the student finally passes the course.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

The CGPA is an indication of a student’s performance at any point in his programme of
study. The CGPA is obtained by multiplying the GP obtained in each course by the
number of units assigned to that course, and then summing these up and dividing by
the total number of units registered by the student up to that particular point.
The final CGPA is obtained after the student must have completed his study. It
determines the degree classification of a student.
All computations of the GPA and CGPA are rounded to two decimal places.

Classification of Degree

The degree classification is done on the basis of a student’s CGPA at the end of his
programme of study as follows:
CGPA Class of Degree

4.50 – 5.00 First Class
3.50 – 4.49 Second Class Upper Division
2.40 – 3.49 Second Class Lower Division
1.50 – 2.39 Third Class
1.00 – 1.49 Pass
0.00 – 1.00 Fail

It should be noted that all the courses taken by a student during his study in the
department are used for degree computation. In order to be eligible for the award of a
Bachelor of Engineering degree, a student must take and pass all the courses
prescribed for him. It should also be noted that failed courses are not used for degree
computation. However, they are reflected in the student’s academic transcript.

Conditions for Proceeding, Probation and Withdrawal


A student whose CGPA is at least 1.00 may be allowed to proceed to the next higher
level, provided he does not carry-over more than six courses.


A student whose CGPA is below 1.00 or has failed more than six courses at the end of
any academic session is placed on probation, that is, he must repeat the year.
Students are allowed to repeat the failed course(s) at the next available opportunity
provided that the total number of units carried during that semester does not normally
exceed 30.


A student whose CGPA is below 1.00 or has failed more than six courses at the end of a
particular period of probation must withdraw from the department. However, the
student may apply for a transfer to other programmes outside the Faculty. Also,
students who fail to register for a session are voluntarily withdrawn from the

Students’ Academic Status:

Students’ academic status is prepared at the end of every session. It is used for
promotion (proceeding to the next level), probation (repeating), withdrawal and
registration of students. All courses are used for the determination of academic status.
Every student is advised to check the academic status very carefully and, if there is any
mistake, he should report to the level coordinator or the Head of Department for
necessary correction. Special care should be given to the list of failed courses. If a
student knows that he has failed a course, but it has not been reflected in the academic
status, he should immediately report this to the Level Coordinator for necessary
correction. Hiding this fact will not help the student, because sooner or later this
mistake will be detected by the department and the student will have to repeat this

Level Coordinators:

For each level, an academic staff is appointed as a Level Coordinator whose functions
are as follows:
i. Registration of students for that level
ii. Recording of students’ results in their files
iii. Preparation of academic status at the end of the session
iv. Preparation of statement of results
v. Attending to complaints relating to results and other relevant matters
vi. Serve as an advisor for the level

Class Attendance

Regular and punctual class attendance is the responsibility of every student. The
student should arrange with the teacher in advance for any necessary absence or
explain it immediately on return. The teacher has the responsibility to maintain an
accurate and up to date record of each student’s attendance. More than 30% absence
from classes of a course without good cause may result in a Grade ‘F’ (Failure) being
automatically recorded against the absentee.

Thank You
Professor M. W. U. Gaya
(Ag. Dean, Student Affairs)

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