Registration Guidelines

The following registration guidelines may slightly vary from one academic session to another and from one faculty to another. Students are therefore advised to check with the Dean’s Office or the department for the any update on guidelines.

New students and Ex-Remedial Students

1. Every new student starting the registration process, Go To Unimaid Microfinance Bank for admission letter payment.

2. A Bank Teller (customer’s copy) obtain, should be taken to Unimaid Bursary and effect the change of teller to Unimaid Receipt (You are supposed to write your name & department at the back of the teller)

3. Proceed to any Business Center and make photocopies (4 copies each) of the following documents:
i – School Receipts obtained from the Bursary,
ii- Your WAEC/NECO/O’Level
iii- Your JAMB Result
iv- Your Local Government Certificate of Origin
v- Your Birth Certificate or Declaration of age (you may include other necessary documents)
(Please note that you may be asked to present your scratch card with Original online Results)

4. You will need Unimaid File Jackets and arrange the photocopies inside each file jackets

5a. Now, proceed to your respective Faculty and present a photocopy of the receipt you obtained from bursary to the Faculty Officer and you will be able to collect your admission letter with a screening form as well as other documents for screening purpose.
5b. Please Do Not Make the Mistake of photocopying your admission letter or laminating it until you finish step7 because your ID-Number will be written on it after final screening.

6. Locate your Faculty’s Screening Committee Venue and report yourself for screening with your screening form (all your original documents listed in No.3 above will be verified)—if your screening is successful? CONGRATULATION & WELCOME TO UNIMAID!!!

7. After you have been successfully screened, you will Go Back To your Faculty Officer and get the followings: i- Your Identification Number (known as student’s ID-Number)
ii- Registrations Forms
iii-Other Registrations Forms including other payments teller

  1. Now go To the Head of your Department’s Office (H.O.D) and a staff will be waiting to register you into your department. (Inquire for your departmental association so that you can pay the due).

9. Download the Course you should register from the departmental database or Go To your Faculty Notice Board or visit your department link on this website and copy the courses to be register into your course registration form and Fill all the registration forms.

10a. Ensure you complete the School fees payment at the designated bank for your faculty (Please Do no Allow anybody to do this it for you).

10b. Proceed to complete your online registration ( in any of the Cyber cafes, you can contact Unimaid computer centre.

11. Take the online registration printout to your Head of Department for endorsement.

12. Students are advised to complete registration formalities within the time scheduled for registration. Late registration, usually granted after normal registration, attracts a late registration fee.


Returning Students:

1. Check your academic status on the Notice Boards, Internet or in the Department.

2. Report to your department and collect registration materials and fill in your required courses. Repeating students are advised to register for the failed courses only.

3. Pay your fees with the designated bank (find out the room where they are located in the faculty).

4. Photocopy all your documents and bursary payment receipts and put in each of the registration forms. Submit them to your level coordinator.

5. Use your own photocopy of the registration form to do online registration. Bring the online form to your Head of Department for his signature. After the signature, you should make three photocopies and submit to your level coordinator.

6. Students are advised to complete registration formalities within the time schedule of registration. Late registration, usually granted after normal registration, attracts a late registration fee.

7. A student is regarded as registered when the necessary registration forms have been submitted to the Faculty

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